Play Swipe and Roll

Swipe and roll is a retro-like video slot. If you are familiar with the slot games found at landbased casinos, you will see the similarity. However, Netent made sure to add some coll features to blend modern elements with this retro-style game. The game was released by Netent in the year 2018. Although the game is still new, it has found it was among several online casinos with requests from several players. If you will like to learn more, you can check out topnetent-casinos .

How to play

If you have been playing video slots, it will be easy to use the game options in this game. However, if you have never played a video slot, you just need to hit the spin button. As soon as that is done, the reels start spinning. However, if you are betting with a small amount, you need to adjust the bet to suit your bet size. To get more understanding on how to create a winning strategy for video slots, you should check out .

To make your gameplay easy, some options have been made available that you can modify. To set your bet size, you can use the levels option. This option has a value between 1 and 10. If you want to bet with a very small bet, you should go with 1. Also, you can experiment with the coin value. The coin value can be set between 0.01 and 0.5. The higher the value of the coin you set, the lesser the number of coins that your account can buy.

To make your gameplay even more seamless, you should take a look at the autoplay feature. This feature will help you spin for multiple rounds. To activate this option, you just need to hit the autoplay option and a range of number will pop up. Choose from these ranges and the auto spin begins. There is a meter that shows how many spins remains. If you have a high bankroll, you can just use the max bet option. This will automatically bet on a spin at the maximum bet.

Bonus feature of the game

One of the prominent bonuses is the wild symbol. This symbol is represented by the blue diamond. The wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol except the wild symbol. The wild symbol also has another form which is the x3 wild symbol. When the x3 wild symbol is part of a winning combination, it pays triple the original coin win. The wild symbol triggers the wild respin. This can only occur when you hit 3 or more wilds anywhere on the reels

  • The wild symbol can be the regular one or the x3 type

The game also offers coin wheel. This coin wheel is triggered randomly during the main game. When it is triggered you get one of scatter symbol, arrow symbol or coin wins. The scatter symbol also comes in two different types. Any of the scatter symbols can activate the bonus game. This retro video slot offers more than you expect. You get wilds, scatters, respins, and also coin wheel. The best way to see all its offering is by checking it out. You can visit any of the